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                                        Frequently Asked Questions



Why are we so proud of our ice cream? 


Our ingredients are organic.  Our products are vegan, raw, gluten-free and soy free. We only use natural methods and whole plant-based foods to make our ice cream. Creaminess and airiness are skillfully and naturally manifested without any additives. Our ingredients are raw in order to preserve nutrients in their original form. We sweeten our ice cream with maple syrup, which is lower in the glycemic index yet leaves a pleasant and subtle taste.


Are our products all raw?


Our products are mostly raw except for some that are not readily or safely consumable in raw form. This includes maple syrup, which is boiled during the evaporation process, and cashew, which is heated to remove the kernel.  Almonds are pasteurized with steam.  These production procedures minimally impact nutrition levels, however the ingredients cannot technically be labeled as raw. We soak our nuts and seeds for easy digestion and absorption. We use dehydrators to gently remove the moisture in foods.

Where can you get our ice cream? 


Our ice cream is currently selling at retail stores in SF.  For locations please refer to “Find Us “ on our website. We’re based in SF will be expanding to East Bay and Marin County. If you’re local or near the bay area and you want to place a large order for your special occasion please contact us


What do we sell online?  


We’re only able to ship dry products like Good granola, Maple walnut Crumble.


Where can you get our other sweets?


You can find all of our other sweets at Judahlicious. You can also find Squares at Nourish Café.

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